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SPOTLIGHT: Cronesmoon/Gulag/Ananta/Ekadzati

A few days ago I made a post about one-woman black metal bands, and how there are enough of them to create a whole episode of Hymns to the Dead Goddess. It proved to be particularly popular on both Facebook and Tumblr. OK, I get it. So I will start working on that episode soon.

But in the meantime, let me post about some of these one-woman black metal projects I know, starting with one I introduced in Episode 42, Ekadzati. Well, actually, this is about the woman behind Ekadzati, as that project is now defunct--but don't fret, she's awfully busy! As her Bandcamp page states: 

Zareen Katherine Price performs black metal as Cronesmoon, death metal as Gulag, and dark ambient as Anatra. Previously Ekadzati. Always more projects on the way.

I've gotten to know Zareen over the past year and it's safe to say she is quite dedicated to underground metal and to self-expression. Plus, this is pretty damn good music, very raw and primal, but sophisticated and complex.

She has two releases that, together, can summarize her musical output. The first, VII MMXIII--Roman numerals for the date of release, July 2013--includes what I believe are the last two Ekadzati songs, the introduction of Gulag, and a sample of Anatra's sound.

Four months later, she released XI MMXIII--with tracks from Gulag and Cronesmoon, Zareen's newest black metal project.

I'll be posting more one-woman black metal projects soon. They'll have the tag "OWBM" so you can find them easier.

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So as it turns out, the Prophet Lilith got so excited recording this holiday "gift" that she failed to mention that this episode started out with a Halloween/Autumn theme. Yeah. Merry Christmas. Because Doro said so.

Also, she failed to mention that one of her girlfriends, a DJ in SecondLife, gave her inspiration for a whole new approach. On behalf of everyone tired of Lilith not posting an update, thank you, Lysana.

01 Runemagick--The Return of Darkness and Evil
02 Lil's Intro
03 Disrupt--Religion Is a Fraud
04 Minax--Our Justice
05 Izegrim--Victim of honor
06 Jucifer--Work Will Make Us Free
07 Neoandertals--Funeral Ejaculation
08 Severed Heaven--Autumn
09 NOEIN--Spirits and Flesh
10 Lil Discusses Future of Podcast, Brutalesque
11 Ekadzati--Instar
12 Nachtlieder--Autumn Walk
13 Neviah Nevi--Immortal Reign of Vincent Price
14 Nox Aurea--The Delight of Autumn Passion
15 Laudanum--Autumn Ghosts
16 Christian Mistress--Haunted Hunted
17 Djerv--Madman
18 Smashed Gladys--Eye of the Storm
19 Windhand--Heap Wolves
20 Lil's Closing
21 Doro--Merry Metal X-Mas


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New episode coming soon--but for now....

Category:general -- posted at: 11:04am PST

I'm still struggling, although right now with health issues, but I haven't given up on the podcast or on all you listeners. I hope you all have a happy holidays, and here's hoping for a much louder 2013!

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UPDATE: Almost, But Not Quite, Ready To Rock

So the replacement hardware is in place, and my computer is happier than it's been for months. I can even see my music library without any problems.

However, iTunes seems to have a case of amnesia--not only does it not have the playlists for the unreleased episodes, it's lost some of the playlsits for released episodes too.

Long story short--I'll need to start the unreleased episodes from scratch. But I'm in a position to do so, and I think a new episode should be ready by the beginning of October. 

Category:news -- posted at: 12:14pm PST

UPDATE: Replacement Hardware On Its Way!

Without going into details: After a couple months of financial fiascos, I've managed to secure enough cash to purchase new hard drives (as that's the hardware that failed on me). I still need to find out if any of the old data is recoverable--I haven't had a chance to focus on that, but I'm getting close to having the opportunity. If it is, I should be able to get the podcast up and running again in a couple of weeks. This is wonderful news and I'm really hoping you're all as excited about the return of the podcast as I am. While there have been times when I've felt burned out, I've also missed recording and mastering it. There's a thrill I get when I realize that a particular episode flows from one awesome song to another, and when I find out that I've turned someone on to a new favorite band, it makes all the hard work and expense worthwhile.

At any rate, it'll be magnificent to have this podcast up and running in time for its two-year anniversary, which is about a month away. Hope you agree! 

Category:news -- posted at: 12:38pm PST

If you've been wondering why I haven't released any new episodes since June, it's because my system keeps giving me serious headaches, with one drive or another refusing to work. Right now I'm not sure when I can get everything back up and running. I have not given up on this podcast, but until I have a working system, I really have no choice but to wait. The whole situation is very frustrating for me, and I presume it is equally frustrating for those of you who enjoy the podcast. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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If you recently listened to Episode 41, you might've noticed that the last minute of the UZALA song "Wardrums" had some people talking. I have no idea how it got in there, but it appears to have originated in a glitch that occurred during final mixing of the episode. I remixed, re-encoded, and re-uploaded the episode, so that should not be a problem moving forward. I apologize to UZALA and to the podcast listenership for that.

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Broken Anatomy--Plains of Maltak
Ides Of Gemini--Constantinople
Black Moth--Banished But Blameless
...Of The Horizon--3 Feet
Mares Of Thrace--The Gallwasp
Witchburn--Call to Arms
Witch Mountain--South Sugar
Rose Kemp--Black Medik II

Direct download: HTTDGep0041.mp3
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Dreaming Dead--Into The Depths
Serpent & Seraph--Enslaved
Crysalis--The Awakening of Gaia
Save The Zombies--Rue the Day
DEEP 6--Revelation
Turiya--The Difference
Mortalium--Wake Up
Alpine Fault--Above the Storm (Iraena's Ashes)
Highway--Sueño Entre Sombras

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SPOTLIGHT: Awakening

I've always loved the women of metal and punk, but I didn't get serious about focusing on women in extreme music until the late 90s. The reason? I had found a CD in the record store called Awakening: Females in Extreme Music, released by Dwell Records.

This CD was, to put it mildly, inspiring. Not that the CD was particularly great--there's a few week tracks that I didn't care for. But it revealed a possibility unclear to me at that point: Women were already in the extreme music underground and making, in many cases, really powerful music. This was my introductin to bands like Thorr's Hammer, Noothgrush, 13, November's Doom, Ebonsight, Damad, Opera IX, Acrostichon, Demonic Christ, and more. It was enlightening--and by and large, brutal.

It was because of the Awakening CD that I began researching women in extreme music on my own. Research was slow, but thanks to the Internet it was to become easier, with sites cropping up to document discoveries and social networking groups to share information. I suspect that, with a few exceptions (Metal Maidens magazine, for one--more on that in a later Spotlight) every fan site for women in the metal and punk undergrounds owes a debt to this CD.

Awakening, indeed!

Incidentally, you can still find this CD easily--you can even buy legitimate MP3 copies of the music. I'll leave that as an exercise for the listener, however, since I don't care to promote one vendor over another. 

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The Prophet Lilith has no excuses for why this episode is so late, only a promise she'll try to do an extra episode in May to help make up for lost time. She also has no excuses for why she repeated the Ancestral Legacy track from Episode 37 as she normally checks to reduce the chance of repeating a band, let alone a song, in most of the episodes to date. Finally, she makes no excuses for talking in the third person--it's mainly because she finds the first person annoying. :P

Thrall--Vita Vacuus Voluntas
Obscura Amentia--Ominous Herald
Buried at Birth--Chainsodomy / Dumpster (KFJC live)
Maledictvs--May A Bullet Pierce Their HeartsD
Holly Hunt--Cueva
The Edge Of Paradise--Mask
Ancestral Legacy--Out Of The Dark And Into The Night
Les Discrets--La Traversée
A Sound of Thunder--Fight Until the End

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While the Prophet Lilith is at Norwescon 35, she figured she'd give you a taste of the SF vibe she'll be immersed within.

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult--Unearthing Cosmic Decay
Darkspace--Dark 1.4
Forge--War With Machines
Xantotol--Homo Galacticus
Nox Aurea--My Voyage Through Galactic Aeons
Unleash The Archers--The Fall of the Galactic Guard
Free Fall--Lost in Time and Space
Black Betty--Astral Messiah
Seven Angels--Beyond the Dark Side of the Moon
Mother Earth--Third Dimension

Direct download: HTTDGep0038.mp3
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Denial of God--Klabautermanden
In Silentio Noctis--Libre Satanas
Orbweaver--Those Of Non-Being
Shroud Eater--Pale Rider
Virgin Black--Silent
Kerion--Queens of the Gorgons Part II
Ancestral Legacy--Out Of The Dark And Into The Night
To Cast A Shadow--Unjust
Mastercastle--Another Flower

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A couple of weeks ago a listener asked me on the podcast Facebook page if I was aware of the Stay Female Fronted blog. Of course--they have been one of the many sources I've used when researching women in extreme music! The blog focuses mainly on the metal and punk underground, which is part of its charm. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated in several months, but it's such a treasure trove of bands that I may go back to it and see if there's anyone I missed at some point. 

Stay Female Fronted provides links to official band pages, which is always handy. They also provide links downloads on various sites, which may give the appearance of supporting piracy. Frankly, I strongly suggest you find legitimate copies of the music if at all possible, so you can better support these women and their music. But there's always that ancient demo that nobody, not even the band, has for sale anymore, so I can't condemn all the download links automatically.

Category:spotlight -- posted at: 1:20pm PST

01 The Commander In Chief--Paranoid [Black Sabbath]
02 Graveworm--Fear Of The Dark [Iron Maiden]
03 Capitollium--Chant For Eschaton 2000 [Behemoth]
04 Throne of Malediction--Bloodlust and Perversion [Carpathian Forest]
05 Infernal Kingdom--Black Metal [Venom]
06 Hellion--Immigrant Song [Led Zeppelin]
07 Psicovomitosis Sadinecrootitis--Plasma [Plasma]
08 Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy--Crypts Of Eternity [Slayer]
09 Benedictum--Heaven and Hell [Black Sabbath]
10 Cynthia Witthoft--House Of The Rising Sun [Traditional]
11 All the Pretty Horses--In Heaven [Peter Ivers]
12 Plasmatics--Dream Lover [Bobby Darin]

Direct download: HTTDGep0036.mp3
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First, welcome to all new listeners! We just broke a record in downloads per day, and I hope that you're enjoying the podcast.

I apologize for not getting a new episode out in the past week. I've been fairly busy with updating the podcast blog, Facebook/Google+ pages, and introducing a CafePress store, but I have NOT been forgetting about the music! In fact this weekend I got some fresh music from some bands never played on the podcast before, and I'll be putting together a new episode in the next few days.

And yes, in case the above comment didn't make it clear, we now have Hymns to the Dead Goddess t-shirts in sizes to fit nearly every shape of body (except maybe little kids and babies--but let me know if you want them covered too!) We also have stickers, buttons, magnets, and other ways to show your appreciation for the podcast. Check them out at http://cafepress.com/deadgoddess and thank you in advance for showing the world you support the women of extreme music!

Finally, many thanks to the lovely and talented Angie Decay, who provided the new podcast logo and artwork! It's appropriately sick and disturbing and 100% metal--perfect!

O+\m/+O HAILS O+\m/+O

Category:news -- posted at: 3:32pm PST

I'd like to start providing a spotlight on notable resources for fans of this podcast. I hope you enjoy!

The site Female Fronted Heavy Metal: 1976 - 1989 describes itself as "an attempt at exhaustively documenting female fronted metal bands who recorded at least one heavy metal track before 1990." And "exhaustively" is the right word! Even though the project is still growing and still looking for better or more obscure recordings, they already have fifteen CDs worth of music--about a whole day's worth!--covering the gamut of metal styles at the time, from classic heavy metal to thrash and power metal and the dawn of death metal.

Bands covered in this project include--but is by no means limited to--Ice Age, Lee Aaron, Detente, Chastain, Warbride, Holy Moses, Bitch, Derketa, Plasmatics, Rock Goddess, Sentinel Beast, Hellion, The Great Kat, Znowhite, Girlschool, Warlock, Phantom Blue, Megace, Acrostichon, Mortifera, and System Decay. Even with my own exhaustive efforts to find women in the metal genre, I cannot hold a candle to this encyclopediac tribute.

Note that the project is at version 0.917 as of this writing--meaning there will be further revisions, replacing bad recordings with better ones, and adding new CDs as they unearth more treasures. But don't wait to download this treasure trove! It's a history that's making history, and is essential for all Hymns to the Dead Goddess fans!

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As The Prophet Lilith dedicated this episode to Valentine's Day, it's only fitting to cover both emotions the holiday evokes.

01 Soulgrind--HateLoveChaos
02 Debt Of Nature--Why I Hate
03 Níobeth--Rhyme for My Gone Beloved
04 Niflheim--Wrath of Hate
05 Ludicra--Let Thirst the Soul
06 Psychobolia--Dedicated to Hate
07 CHASTAIN--Love and hate
08 Realm Of Chaos--feel my hate descend upon you
09 Vainglory--Undying love
10 Cripper--Rage and Hate My Destiny
11 Morgana--Make Me Love
12 Crystal Viper--The Anvil of Hate
13 Rude Revelation--Now That Love and Hate Converge

Direct download: HTTDGep0035.mp3
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As The Prophet Lilith prepares to slip gracelessly into cronedom, she discovers a stash of music she thought she had played on the show before, but apparently hadn't. That she would forget such music may be shameful, or it may just be conformation of her aging, but regardless, she's relieved that these songs have been saved from... The Curse Of Forgetfulness. *cue dramatic music*

01 Bran Barr--Pride And Malevolence
02 Estuary--The Evershielding
03 Funerus--Suffering Life
04 Gholes--Mental Control
05 Darkestrah--Cult Tengri
06 Aesma Daeva--Darkness
07 Hellion--Living In Hell
08 Cadaveria--Memento Audere Semper
09 AraPacis--Haunted Forests
10 Dremora--Martyrs and Madmen
11 Hammers of Misfortune--Doomed Parade
12 Flowing Tears--For My Enemies


Direct download: HTTDGep0034.mp3
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(My apologies for the technical difficulties. Let's see if republishing the episode helps. --The Prophet Lilith)

01 The Project Hate MCMXCIX--I See Nothing But Flesh
02 ~LAIR~--Souls Scattered in the Sky
03 Witchbreed--Symphony for the Fallen
04 Gate to Khaos--The River
05 Goat Of Mendes--My Book Of Shadows
06 Laudanum--Wooden Horse
07 Nebelhexe--Laguz - Within the Lake
08 A Storm Of Light--Thunderhead
09 Chelsea Wolfe--Pale On Pale
10 Dibbukim--Hinter Dem Tol

Direct download: HTTDGep0033.mp3
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Released just as The Prophet Lilith commemorated the end of 2011, this episode pays tribute to finality itself.

01 Lamented Despondency--The End
02 Winds Of Genocide--Hellhounds Of The Macabre End
03 Benatnash--Great Mother of Doom
04 Salome--Terminal
05 Ludicra--The Final Lamentation
06 Nuclear Death Terror--Final Harvest
07 Bomb And Scary--A Dead End
08 Saros--The Sky Will End Soon
09 Izegrim--Final Farewell
10 Darkest Era--On The Crest Of Doom
11 Rwake--The Finality

Direct download: HTTDGep0032.mp3
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The Prophet Lilith embraces the solstice in all its shadowy, warmth-deprived glory with this particular episode.

01 Mythic--Winter Solstice
02 Niflheim--Realms of Darkness & Freezing Fog
03 Velvet Cacoon--Winterglow
04 The Antiprism--Ice Song
05 Nocra--One Winter Evening
06 Anguished--These Gray Days
07 Blackthorn--Blackthorn Winter
08 Jex Thoth--Son of Yule
09 Clair Cassis--Our Overwintering in the Ivories
10 Luctus Hydra--These Frozen Hands
11 Unleash The Archers--Daughters of Winterstone
12 Blackholicus--Snow Chalice
13 Morgana--Lady Winter

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Please update your bookmarks--moving foward. the new, official URL for this podcast is http://www.deadgoddess.com/

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For this episode The Prophet Lilith focuses on power metal and tries to get into the holiday spirit in the least murderous fashion she can muster--which, admittedly, is not saying much at all.

01 Crystal Viper--Zombie Lust (Flesh Eaters)
02 Power Symphony--Battles in the Twilight
03 CHASTAIN--Paradise (feat. Leather Leone)
04 Beautiful Sin--Lost
05 Ancient Bards--Only The Brave
06 In Virtue--Paralyzed
07 Darna--Desleal
08 Seven Angels--Unseen Truth
09 Scala Mercalli--Border Wild
10 White Skull--Fighting And Festing
11 X-Mas Project (feat. Sabina Classen)--Leise rieselt der Schnee

Direct download: HTTDGep0030.mp3
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Nothing fancy, just a solid playlist of metal as we begin the slide into cold weather and interminable holidays.

01 Bow Before None--Dead Inside
02 Dark Mirror ov Tragedy--The Inevitability Gash
03 Cynthia Witthoft--The Book of Taliesin
04 Black Palace--Legion
05 Blair Witch--Imprecation
06 This Means You--Demon's Cry
07 Black Like Vengeance--A Shot Of Air To The Blood
08 Messiah Force--The Third One
09 In Infernal War--Fúria Ímpia Aos Acéfalos
10 Anashi--Got to Fight
11 A Winter Lost--Weltende
12 System Divide--An Intoxicating Affair

Direct download: HTTDGep0029.mp3
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This episode, The Prophet Lilith is nearly as giddy as you'll hear her as she introduces her third cover tunes episode, opening with an incredible cover of the Helloween classic "Halloween". She also threatens to play Marilyn Manson, but not seriously, so don't worry!

01 Dark Moor--Halloween (Helloween)
02 Enigmatic Faith--For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica)
03 Secrets Of The Moon--Them Bones (Alice In Chains)
04 Hell Militia--Shoot Knife Strangle Beat & Crucify (G.G. Allin)
05 The Agonist--Monochromatic Stains (Dark Tranquility)
06 Psicovomitosis Sadinecrootitis--The Day The Dead Walked (Six Feet Under)
07 AmethistA--Maniac (Michael Sembello)
08 Astarte--Sorrows Of The Moon (Celtic Frost)
09 iwrestledabearonce--Uprising (Muse)
10 Infernal Kingdom--Troops of Doom (Sepultura)
11 Dark Castle--No Quarter (Led Zeppelin)
12 Throne of Malediction--Solitude (Candlemass)

Direct download: HTTDGep0028.mp3
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The second of two episodes featuring the highlights of the first year of Hymns to the Dead Goddess. A good introduction to the podcast if you're new!

01 Znöwhite--All Hail to Thee
02 Salome-Master Failure
03 Unleash The Archers--Eat What You Kill
04 Winds Of Genocide--Storms Of Hooded Horsemen
05 Holy Moses--Distress And Death
06 Divination of the Damned--Into the Endless Peril of Torment and Suffering
07 Electric Wizard--Patterns of Evil
08 Hekseri--Gods of Rotting Death
09 Tuman--Oltár (Altaria)
10 Ludicra--Veils
11 Menace Ruine--Dove Instinct
12 Benedictum--Wicca

Direct download: HTTDGep0027.mp3
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The first of two episodes featuring the highlights of the first year of Hymns to the Dead Goddess. A good introduction to the podcast if you're new!

01 Crystal Viper--Metal Nation
02 Black September--Unleashed
03 Haemorrhage--Syndicate of Sickness
04 Niflheim--Nocturnal Burning
05 Dark Castle--Growing Slow
06 Cretin--Tooth and Claw
07 Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult--Thanatos
08 Izegrim--The Better of Two Evils
09 Megace--Industrial Dictatorship
10 Thorr's Hammer--Norge
11 Nocturnal Worshipper--A Tomb in the Satanist Hill
12 Murkrat--Plague Gestation
13 Jex Thoth--Stone Evil

Direct download: HTTDGep0026.mp3
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01 November Grief--Recuring Nightmares
02 Tengereken--Tarkans Of War
03 Belligerence--Stigmatic
04 Adore--The Bitter Winter
05 5grs--Judgment Day
06 Hetroertzen--The 7th Visit
07 Pantheon-I--Burn the Cross
08 Psicovomitosis Sadinecrootitis--Matando A Un Paidofilico
09 Ocularis Infernum--Northern Maid
10 In Virtue--Dreamwalker
11 Streben--Painfully Seduced (by a Truthful Reverie)
12 Made Out Of Babie--Cooker
13 Blackholicus--Roquefort

Direct download: HTTDGep0025.mp3
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A somewhat delayed episode, but The Prophet Lilith thinks it was worth the wait--hope you do too!

01 Arkelion--Turtle
02 Luctus Hydra--Blasphemous War
03 Casket of Cassandra--To Fear One's Self
04 The Dead Lotus Society--Mao Snot Dead
05 Stigma--I Feel Your Blood
06 Without Mercy--Sands of the Dead
07 Sinful Souls--Blinded By Blood
08 Infernal Kingdom--Satan's Cult
09 Enigmatic Faith--The Bane
10 Jayne Dracula--Glow In The Dark
11 Fortis Natura--Change the Future
12 Dylath-Leen--Frozen reflect In a Broken Mirror
13 Drakkara--The Massacre

Direct download: HTTDGep0024.mp3
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Nothing fancy, just a balanced mix of headbang-worthy music. The Prophet Lilith is pleased. You will be too.

01 After Chidori--Roy G. Biv
02 Girl Scout Hand Grenade--Lost In Poland
03 Ocultan--Chaos, Agony And Disgrace
04 Splatter--Bitch
05 Murkrat--Plague Gestation
06 Abnormality--The Collective Calm in Mortal Oblivion
07 The Antiprism--Moonlight Overdrive
08 Clair Cassis--Pearls & Pinesmoke
09 Worm Ouroboros--Riverbed
10 As Astrea Falls--Pulling the knives out of your back
11 Unleash The Archers--Eat What You Kill

Direct download: HTTDGep0023.mp3
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Without trying, The Prophet Lilith put together an episode heavy on death metal and thrash, with an epic cherry on top. She then lost her mind and created a Page on Facebook for the podcast, so make sure to Like that Page if you enjoy the show.

01 Pyrrah--Sleepwalkers
02 Hybernoid--Mind/Liberty
03 Dormitory Effect--Regarding Your Daughter
04 Syrebris--Spiraling Downward
05 Inanimis--Abyssmal
06 Hell Hath No Fury--Suffocate
07 Neviah Nevi--Blood Stained Hands
08 Transient--Deeds for the Master
09 Minax--Preaching Infection
10 Debt Of Nature--Insalata Tarantula
11 Awaiting Fear--Black Soul Vomit
12 Putrefied Beauty--Purulent Stigmata
13 Deathfist--Booze Brigade
14 Shadowside--Illusions

Direct download: HTTDGep0022.mp3
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This time around The Prophet Lilith presents a massive heap of crusty goodness with lots of blackened, death-ridden, doomy, folkish, tribal variety. If you don't like crust because it's too punk, well, too bad! Open your mind, let the filthy heaviness permeate, and mosh until you can only twitch! NO GODS NO MASTERS--just us goddesses and mistresses!

01 Murderess--The Beginning + Sinking Further
02 Victim of Truth--Autodestrukcja
03 URO--De Fortabtes Fortrop (Dancing With The Damned)
04 Trocki--Znaki Sіoсca
05 Resistant Culture--New Sun
06 Realm Of Chaos--Leaders of Pain
07 Skarp--Cold Blue Serenity
08 Sayaka--All We Have Left
09 Alarido--III
10 Man the Conveyors--And We Obey
11 Ecocide--Static
12 Dead to a Dying World--Stagnation

Direct download: HTTDGep0021.mp3
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As the Prophet Lilith beheld the fevers, she presented an episode comprised of thirteen black metal songs and "christened" (!?) after Joan Jett's backup band as well as the legendary, gore-covered Mayhem album.

No, she didn't know what she was thinking. Or saying, apparently.

01 Styr--Hunt
02 Fedra--Tombstone My Name
03 Juno Bloodlust--In This Coffin of Immortelles
04 Nocra--Saturn's World
05 Dei Tetra--The Beheading Ceremonial
06 Nachtlieder--Leave The View To The Rats
07 Divination of the Damned--Into the Endless Peril of Torment and Suffering
08 Seeds of Iblis--In The Name Of Iblis
09 Alocer--Darkness Valleys (Regress To Darkness)
10 Frost Despair--The Final Breath
11 Xeper--Unknown from Black Hole's Night
12 V-Kaos--VI
13 Furva Ambiguitas--Carpe Diem

Direct download: HTTDGep0020.mp3
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In honor of Pride Month, The Prophet Lilith presents a playlist of music featuring trans woman musicians. While this episode is a bit more eclectic than usual, it remains as brutal as the history of trans women over the past two millennia. Includes an essay/rant on our history.

01 Sopor Aeternus--Anima I
02 Winds Of Genocide--The Arrival Of Apokalyptic Armageddon
03 Hekseri--Awakened to Wrath
04 Harsh Reality--Whore
05 The Shockstar--ANGEL DUST
06 FMC--I'd Like To Work With Sanitary Dispensers
07 FMC--Saxon
08 All the Pretty Horses--Black Leather
09 Cretin--Daddy's Little Girl
10 Cretin--Object of Utility
11 Ater Draconis--Stand Out
12 Mechanical Black--Reborn
14 Ignitor--Reinheitegbot
15 Sopor Aeternus--Consider This: The True Meaning of Love

Direct download: HTTDGep0019.mp3
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The show turns eighteen and immediately moves away from home. This is the first episode of Hymns to the Dead Goddess that is strictly in podcast format, and moving forward new episodes should be published as soon as I finish working on them! To celebrate, The Prophet Lilith put together a set of cover tunes that are as disturbing to hear as they are fun to hear. Your mouth your gape, your ass will boogie, and your head will definitely bang!

01 Benedictum--The Mob Rules [Black Sabbath]
02 Van Canto--Master of Puppets [Metallica]
03 Níobeth--Queen of the Night Aria [Mozart]
04 Sigh--Countess Bathory [Venom]
05 Grey--Wither [13]
06 Regl Juice--Breathe [The Prodigy]
07 Regl Juice--All That She Wants [The Ace of Bass]
08 Purulent Jacuzzi--Quintessence [Darkthrone]
09 Depressive Reality--Boneyard [Impetigo]
10 Even Vast--Love Will Tear Us Apart [Joy Divison]
11 Sceptic--Paralyzed, Mesmerized [Coroner]
12 Joyless--(Don't Need) Religion [Motörhead]
13 Xantotol--Into the Pentagram [Samael]
14 Jex Thoth--When the Raven Calls [Bobb Trimble]

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Without trying, The Prophet Lilith put together a collection of rather melodic death metal. Horror at its loveliest!

01 Where Eagles Dare--Such A Cold Cut
02 Watch Me Burn--Hush
03 Death R0tten Decay--Bitter Old Man
04 Nothing Left for Tomorrow--Falling Into Darkness
05 Acrostichon--Sleepless
06 Scatha--No Mercy
07 Sceptic--Atypical Reverie
08 Why She Kills--Submission
09 Psychobolia--Severe Headfuck
10 Dehydrated Entrails--Blood and Sufferings
11 Black Like Vengeance--Of Sundered Spirits
12 Rude Revelation--There Is No God

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The Prophet Lilith assembled a fine collection of largely pagan-oriented metal to celebrate the glory of mid-Spring and the tumult that it inspires.

01 Nuclear Death Terror--At the Altars of the Gods
02 Hekseri--Ignite the Pagan Flames
03 Serpentcult--Awaken the Kraken
04 Grey--Sacrifice at Glastonbury Tor
05 Mother Earth--Cast The Circle
06 Tuman--Oltár (Altaria)
07 Valhalla--Between Dimensions
08 Benedictum--Wicca
09 Aes Dana--Les complaintes de Nemon
10 Ludicra--Veils
11 Menace Ruine--Dark Mother

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01 Sacrilege--Winds of Vengeance
02 Coldnight--High Priest of Decay
03 Mortuary Hacking Session--Stiffs That Penetrate Me
04 Depressive Reality--(Paranioc) Fear (2nd Version)
05 Exhortation--Mental Torture
06 Bitchcraft--Bed 13 (alternate version)
07 Regl Juice--Tampon
08 Harsh Reality--5 oz
09 Runemagick--Black Magick Sorceress
10 Soulgrind--Grey Shades Of Love
11 Purulent Jacuzzi--Pulsatory

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If you enjoy this podcast, consider joining the Dead Goddess Choir to stay abrest of updates, discuss your favorite women in extreme music, and enter contests!

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Featuring music from Luxúria de Lillith, Nausea, Frantic Amber, Anghell, Nuclear Death, Blackthorn, Serpentcult, Circle The Sky, Megace, Acid King, Miasthenia, and Beautiful Sin.

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Very lucky for the listener, since The Prophet Lilith keeps the blather to a minimum and lets the music do the talking for her. Featuring music from Mechanical Black, Excruciation, Hinsides, Grey, Amesoeurs, Mother Earth, Slaughter Shack, Lucifugum, Mahavatar, Wormwood, and Power Symphony.

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Featuring music from Hekseri, Like Flies On Flesh, Bestial Holocaust, Hell Militia, shEver, Eidyllion, Dracena, Anguished, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation, Bomb And Scary, and Cull.

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The Prophet Lilith celebrates the 2nd anniversary of her 39th birthday by playing the doomiest, sludgiest, most stoned episode of Hymns to the Dead Goddess to date. Featuring music from Salome, Noothgrush, Dark Castle, Black Lodge, Electric Wizard, Flowing Tears, Thorr's Hammer, and Jex Thoth.

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Featuring Oh Dae Su, Occult, Misantropic, Sorrowseed, Orphan Hate, Bahimiron, Peccatum, Idiots Parade, Divination of the Damned, Janaza, SinAriA, Long Winters' Stare, and Amaranthe

NOTE: Shortly after this episode aired, Oh Dae Su and Laura Hobbs parted ways. Per Laura's wishes we stopped playing Oh Dae Su on the station immediately afterwards. But for historical purposes I, the Prophet Lilith, decided to keep the Oh Dae Su song "Branded Like Meat" on the podcast version of this episode. I hope to interview Laura Hobbs some time in the near future to set the record straight regarding her departure from Oh Dae Su.

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Features music from Xantotol, Warface, Cernunnos, Promisqes, Saros, Ebonsight, Ice Age, Mordichrist, A Forest of Stars, and Poisonwood.

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Features music from L'Acephale, Bolt Thrower, Appalachian Terror Unit, Niflheim, Fuck the Facts, Xolotl, Throne of Naya, FMC, Opera IX, İlkim Oulanem, Occult, and WhipKraft.

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To celebrate Christmas/Yule/Festivus/whatever, The Prophet Lilith presented a playlist of cover tunes, most of which come from the metal underground, with a couple of rather lighthearted exceptions. Features music performed by Sigh, Hekseri, Holy Moses, Benedictum, The Plasmatics, 13, Arch Enemy, Nuclear Death Terror, Tuman, Yellow Machinegun, Crystal Viper, Doro, and The Wage of Sin.

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Features music from Winds of Genocide, Ashes of Icons, Valhalla, Terra Morta, Sigh, Secrets of the Moon, Black September, Dark Castle, and Ignitor.

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This was a hard episode to record, and a hard one to rework for the podcast, if only because The Prophet Lilith began work on it during the Transgender Day of Remembrance--a very dark day for trans folk. The episode reflects that darkness, with little chatter and more black metal than usual. This episode features music from Diamanda Galás, Nocturnal Worshipper, Valhalla, Vastum, Haemorrhage, Tuman, Izegrim, Cretin, U-10 Cells, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Upon Shadows, Be Persecuted, Throne of Naya, and Znöwhite.

You may read more about the Transgender Day of Remembrance at http://www.transgenderdor.org/

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The Prophet Lilith openly mocks trans-misogyny and misogyny in general then plays one of her best playlists yet. Featuring music by Hekseri, Wetwork, Lamented Despondency, Yellow Machinegun, Agrimonia, Nuclear Death Terror, Weakling, Cripper, Crystal Viper--and an Ourstory Lesson regarding Holy Moses and Sabina Classen.

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The Prophet Lilith grouses about the US elections, but makes up for it by introducing Ourstory Lesson--a focus on the women of metal's past. First up? Wendy O. Williams, courtesy The Plasmatics. Also features Aes Dana, Dödsängel, Zeenon, Vorkreist, Korpblod, Gholes, Rwake, Menace Ruine, and Arkona.

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The Prophet Lilith muses on the zombie preparedness of German police and focuses mainly on horror as a musical theme. Featuring music from Malsain, Matriarch, Darkspace, Darling Demoniac, ChthoniC, Decadence, and Darzamat.

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Hymns To The Dead Goddess features the women of extreme music--whether trans or cis. In this episode, your hostess The Prophet Lilith suffers from a sinus infection and a bad case of reading from a script, yet gets the name of the show wrong twice. Still this first episode is awesome anyhow. Featuring music from Merlin, Derkéta, Addaura, Hekseri, At Odds With God, Damad, Iskra, Wykked Wytch, Dracena, Salome, and Gallhammer.

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